100,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, purpose built to deliver all products in-house to exacting standards.

Working exclusively with our supply partners Guardian Glass and Kururay, we stock a broad range of laminating materials to meet the project specification — specialist laminator in PVB, Trosifol® PVB and SentryGlas® ionoplast (SGP).

Manufacturing capabilities of Widths up to 8ft x 13ft and thickness from 3/8inches to 2 3/8inches.

Cutting & Processing

  • Cutting and edge finishing up to 19mm | 0.74"
  • 4 automated cutting centres
  • 4 automated vertical and horizontal CNC machine centres
  • Automated polishing lines

Toughening & Heat Treating

  • 3 toughening furnaces
  • Toughening and heat strengthening
  • Industry leading cycle times
  • 3 heat soak testing ovens


  • Automated laminating line in-house
  • Production up to 1,000 sqm | 1,764 ft daily
  • PVB, EVA & Sentryglas lamination
  • Smartglass lamination in-house

Insulated Glass Unit Assembly

  • High performance double and tripIe glazed insulated units
  • U Value as low as 0.5 W / m2K
  • 2 automated insulated assembly lines
  • Toggle and structural glazing systems
Diamond Glass factory Dublin

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